5 proven secrets of successful bloggers

1. Plan the release of articles

If you want to be successful in such a super-competitive environment as blogging, then you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to devote a significant amount of time to this. You can write amazing content, but if you do it every few months, then your blog will remain popular only with relatives and colleagues.

Readers want to constantly see something new, and search engines want it even more. If your blog is updated rarely and irregularly, then the search robot will visit you very rarely, and your position in the search results will inevitably slide down.

Try to update your blog as often as possible. Make a schedule for your new articles and try to stick to them.

2. Make a list of future topics

The scourge of all authors is the writing block. This is when you need to write something, but nothing clever comes to mind at all. The easiest way to combat this phenomenon is to create a constantly growing list of topics for articles.

An unexpected thought that arose during a run, an impression of a book you read, an interesting link – all of this can fade into oblivion if it is not immediately written down. In moments of creative impotence and devastation, you will discover this treasure trove and find inspiration for future articles there.

3. Don’t be afraid of controversial topics

5 proven secrets of successful bloggers

“Dropbox or Google Drive?”, “Running on the heel or toe?”, “Studying at home or going to school?” and many other questions will help you to attract the attention of fierce defenders of different beliefs, adherents of different services, programs and gadgets. Even more grateful spectators will gather to watch the fight with enthusiasm.

Find controversial topics and try to use them to your advantage. Try to follow a balanced approach and argue your arguments.

4. Invite professionals

No matter how well you write, you still need to dilute your creativity with other content. A great way to do this is to invite other people to contribute to your articles. Such content can take a variety of forms: an interview with a celebrity, a description of the success story of a person or company, a guest post by a specialist on an interesting topic, and so on.

5. Follow the comments of the readers

Comments are the guiding thread that will help you find the right path for your blog to grow. It is the tool that makes online media flexible and always up to date. They make it possible to establish a dialogue with site visitors, give them a sense of belonging to your resource and the desire to come to you again and again.

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