YouTube storytelling secrets

There is much depends on the presentation of the material. A skilled storyteller is able to make the audience his loyal associates. This information will help you present your nonprofit stories in a way that resonates and inspires action.

Any nonprofit organisation has a story to tell about why its work is important and how it helps change the world. It is best to talk about it in the format of stories because a coherent plot is easier to remember than a collection of disparate facts. By telling your audience a story, you can touch their feelings and give them an incentive to take action.

Here are some tips that will help you to make a good story:

  • Start with the essentials. Tell us about your mission and how you are accomplishing it.
  • Create the right mood. Find the right key and use your speaking techniques.
  • Reach out to viewers. Tell them how they can help you. One phrase is enough – the main thing is to formulate it correctly.

For your videos to be shared, they don’t have to evoke one single feeling, such as hope or despair. There is no single formula. Simply create videos that convey the values โ€‹โ€‹of your organisation and emotionally affect viewers.

YouTube storytelling secrets

Emotions can be evoked not only by storytelling but also by creative techniques, such as special framing or lighting. And the musical accompaniment can highlight key moments or simply add to the video sequence.

Ultimately, your goal is not to create a viral video, but to gather a permanent audience on your channel, ready to act.

Your task is to make the audience feel like a part of what is happening in the video. If they feel connected to the characters in the story, they are more likely to want to support your organisation.

When preparing for filming, observe the main principles:

  • Follow a specific goal. What do you want to achieve? Share your organisation, mobilise an existing audience, or maybe raise funds? Focus on one task or the meaning of your story may not be understood.
  • Be mindful of the characteristics of your audience. Consider demographics (age, gender, location) and viewers’ preferences. This will make it easier for you to understand which creative techniques to use.
  • When developing your channel, follow our recommendations:
  • Use resources efficiently. You don’t need a big budget to shoot your first video. For example, many creators shoot, edit and upload videos using smartphones.
  • Maintain a uniform download schedule. You probably don’t have the ability to add new videos every day. This is normal. Make a schedule that works for you and doesn’t break it. Do not forget to tell the audience about it so that they know when to expect new publications and do not lose interest in the channel.

Feel free to experiment. Finding a corporate identity can take some time.

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