How to Write an Awesome Blog Post

If you think blogging is pampering, you are grossly mistaken. This tool is used in marketing to attract additional traffic, build an audience, which ultimately affects the conversion rate and sales growth. 

But there is one caveat: a blog should be awesome, it should “hook” the reader, a dull copy-paste in our time will not surprise anyone.

What to look for when writing

How to Write an Awesome Blog Post

By definition from Wikipedia, a blog is an Internet magazine that regularly publishes materials containing text, video, and photographic materials. At the same time, there are no restrictions on who can blog – it can be either one person or a large online store. This tool is also used to promote a business on the Internet, from the advantages of using a blog we single out: the ability to increase the position of a site in search results. You have to work with SEO optimisation, but the result is worth it. Well-written keys will not spoil the text, but will improve the position of the site; text materials (especially if they offer something new, and do not copy-paste competitors) + photos and videos attract the audience. A core of those who, over time, get used to reading you is formed; a blog positions you as an expert in your field – this adds “weight” in the eyes of a potential client; you can redirect traffic to the desired pages on the site; increase brand awareness by dedicating a number of materials to one name. We will dwell on the creative component a little later, for now, we will touch upon the general requirements for the design of blogs: the ideal grammar is to read a text full of grammatical errors and mistakes is physically unpleasant.

These tips sound simple and somewhat trivial to you, but that doesn’t diminish their importance:

How to write a vivid post

I assume that you have already groped for what the audience is interested in and thought about the structure of the post as a whole.

Create a catchy headline

Remember the saying that a person is greeted by his clothes, but escorted by his mind? The story is about the same with headlines, only if the headline is uninteresting, then the reader may not want to read the post. Regardless of the area in which you work, a number of universal requirements are put forward for headings:

  • it should be laconic and give a clear idea of ​​what will be in the text part;
  • do not overdo it with “dryness”;
  • clickbait titles don’t always work, it’s better not to use them, especially if you’ve just started blogging;
  • Don’t fool your readers – this also applies to the blog text;
  • leave an element of an understatement; do not use complex metaphors, not everyone will understand them, so do not reduce the audience.

Thinking over the introduction

This is the first thing the reader sees after the title. That is why the introduction is being worked out very carefully. When working out this element of the post: avoid complex “multi-story” structures, priority is given to simple, clear sentences; the main goal is to show the reader with a couple of sentences what will be discussed next. The introduction is bait, the reader should swallow it and become interested; emotionality is allowed depending on the style of the post.

Writing the main body of the post

Ideally, you should write at least a draft post at one time. This way you are less likely to miss important thoughts, and the narrative thread will not break.

A blog is one of the ways to communicate with the audience, imagine an interlocutor who uses jargon through the word, puts emphasis incorrectly, you are unlikely to enjoy communicating with such a person. The same goes for the text; stick to one style. A blog is not a place for constant experimentation, once you have a recognisable style, try to stick to it. If in one publication you have a short, laconic title, in another – as detailed as possible, and in the third, you tried to joke unsuccessfully, this will confuse readers. One gets the feeling that the blog is being kept on a leftover principle, no one is doing it purposefully; follow the trends. Nobody is interested in outdated material; the topic of the blog should overlap with what you are offering. If this is an online store selling components, reviews of the latest “hardware” novelties, their testing, news from the same area, materials in the spirit of “selecting a PC configuration for a different budget” will do. For a marketing agency, it will be appropriate to describe various successful cases, current, and future trends in marketing. The main rule is to play on your own field.

5 thoughts on “How to Write an Awesome Blog Post

  1. Write an awesome blog post? Don’t mind if I do. Great tips here, and the catchy headline bit is important, because so many bloggers on WordPress post the randomest titles. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. When I see post like that I jump in and try to understand always which kind of mistake I do regular. It’s always an inspiration read tips similars at the ones you post today. Thanks a lot

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