Best tips that you should follow before shooting YouTube videos

Consider your goals

First of all, think about the concept of your channel. Why did you choose YouTube and what do you want to achieve with your videos? Successful writers say the key to success is doing what you really enjoy doing.

As you work on a project, ask yourself what you want to convey in the videos and to whom.

Define your audience.

When deciding to create content on YouTube, think about who you want to shoot videos for and what interests those people. If you have already started a channel, study the information on the Audience tab in the Statistics section.

Manage your interaction with viewers.

Best tips that you should follow before shooting YouTube videos

Keep your audience in mind when filming. For example, when choosing the style of speech in commercials, you need to take into account the age, country of residence, and other characteristics of the audience.

People create videos for many reasons. Define your niche to better understand what kind of videos you enjoy doing. But remember that regardless of genre or format, there are general channel development strategies that can increase your chances of success.

Create your story

Now you can start plotting. The creation and development of an idea is an individual process, but I can give you some tips:

1. Brainstorm. Consider any options, let your imagination run wild. Write down all your options, especially if you plan to shoot a video with someone.

2. Remove the excess. If you have too many ideas, narrow down the list. Check out the most interesting concepts, then decide which ones you would like to translate into videos.

3. Create a story. Once you’ve settled on a specific idea, think about the key plot elements. For example, when creating a video blog, mark the highlights of the story you want to share.

4. Write down what you plan to say in front of the camera. To do this, you can use different approaches. Some authors write down the main issues so as not to forget to touch on them. You can record in more detail, specifying the order of the scenes and the most important cues.

For a complex video, write a script with lines from the actors and directions for the crew. Script templates can be found on the Internet.

Stick to your own storytelling style. Each author has a different way of speaking, so tell the story the way only you can. Even if you’ve never written a script before, just write it however you see fit.

Bands usually rehearse before recording in the studio. YouTube creators often do the same. During rehearsal, you can identify and correct any deficiencies in the performance before filming.

The number and specifics of rehearsals depend on the video format. Take different approaches:

Proofreading. If you have a script or text with key points written, speak your lines from beginning to end. You will hear yourself and understand how you can improve the text or the way it is presented.

Practice on the spot. This form of rehearsal is more about technical issues. By practicing on-site, you can identify potential environmental issues.

A run-through is a dress rehearsal with the participation of all the characters and the crew. For example, if there are stunts in the video, rehearsal will help make sure everything goes smoothly during filming.

The number of rehearsals depends on the complexity of the video. If you’re the only person in the shot, try practicing in front of a mirror and recording a video on your phone to understand how to behave in front of the camera. You don’t need to show your footage to someone, but if you need an outside perspective, ask family or friends to share their impressions.

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