7 main steps for video editing for YouTube channel. Step-by-step video editing tutorial.

There is no one-size-fits-all video editing method, but many authors follow these steps:

  1. Import and organise the footage.

If you use a modern smartphone, you can shoot and immediately edit videos. But if you record video with a camera, you probably need to transfer the materials to your computer. If so, you should organise your files and then you can easily find what you want later. Remember to back up your originals!

  1. Choose the best shots.

Review the material and select the frames that you plan to use. You can place them on the timeline and arrange them according to the plot. Many apps allow you to set markers to indicate important points. For example, it is worth marking the frame where you plan to insert the sound effect with a marker.

  1. Delete unnecessary frames.

At this stage, trim off unnecessary frames or completely remove inappropriate files. Remove long pauses and parasitic words (“well”, “like”, etc.). You may need to revisit the material several times or pause to take a fresh look at the project.

7 main steps for video editing for YouTube channel. Step-by-step video editing tutorial.
  1. Add visual and sound effects.

There is a huge variety of titles, intros and transitions. But remember that sometimes less is more. Effects shouldn’t distract the viewer from the story. Many programs have built-in video effects, but you can also download additional plugins. Add music and sound effects to your videos. They can be found in the YouTube Music Library.

  1. Reduce the sound.

Listen carefully to the resulting track (you can close your eyes). Make sure voices, sound effects and music go well; make the necessary changes.

  1. Adjust the colors.

You can change the brightness or hue so that all frames have the same color gamut. You can create a certain mood by making the colors cooler or warmer. Finally, you can increase the saturation and contrast to make the frames stand out.

  1. Export the video and upload it to YouTube.

Watch the video several times. Make sure you like everything. Set the video export settings taking into account the format, check if the program has the ability to export to YouTube. After the video is exported, you can add and publish the video.

Additional tips:

See how other creators edit their videos. If you like their style, try to do the same by adding your own elements.

Practice is often the best way to learn editing. My guidelines will help you take your video editing skills to the next level.

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