How to choose your niche on youtube

Everyone can find something for themselves on YouTube. Choosing a topic that is close to you and in which you are well versed is a sure way to get the hearts of viewers.

How to choose you niche on youtube

It is not uncommon for aspiring authors to strive to ensure that their videos are liked by as many viewers as possible. However, many have managed to succeed by targeting only a specific audience, be it a large community of gamers or a small audience, such as vintage car collectors.

Traditional media do not pay attention to that viewers, so they form active communities around thematic channels. This will help you interact with viewers and increase the number and time of views as a result. Your fans will understand. That is it, their dream show!

Think about what topics you are interested in.

Fashion? Yoga? Pets? Or maybe parenting? Analyse your passions and choose the topics to which you will focus your content.

Once you’ve identified a narrow range of interests, look for communities that discuss similar topics: blogs, social media groups, and YouTube channels. See how popular these topics are and what video creators are suggesting to viewers.

Remember, if you decide to create a channel for a niche audience, you must share their passions. Then your videos will look genuine and authentic.

Sometimes targeting a small audience can be more successful than publishing content for one and all.

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