Where will you be in 5 years? This is the best possible answer I could think of.

This question is asked a lot when you are on a job interview. I have been thinking and dreaming about it, what I want to have and what I want to do. Every time I used to think that it’s best to answer something like “In 5 years I will be a manager, I will have a big house, a dog, and an expensive car”.

Where will you be in 5 years?

I can definitely say now how stupid I was!

We live not once, we live every day. Everything can change in one moment. You can only control yourself, not your circumstances.

Is it your life’s purpose to have all of these things? I think the right answer, at least for me, is to have balance in your life, live the life you love, and have a job that you are passionate about.

Where will you be in 5 years? This question assumes that you have plans and goals. In my opinion, the person who asked you this wants to know how strong you are and wants to see that you are a purposeful person who has goals in life, who has reasons to get up in the morning, who loves their job, and knows exactly what they want from life.

The main point is to be happy now and in 5 years. To be happy and healthy, to live a life that you love and do what you love. Do your best. That is all that matters. 

5 thoughts on “Where will you be in 5 years? This is the best possible answer I could think of.

  1. This is so true! I always found myself unable to answer that question at interviews, but sometimes we over look the most simple answer when it’s truly the most important. Thanks for sharing x

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  2. Interesting post! I completely agree about being happy in 5 years or well, now. Life is about living for what makes you happy and if that’s reaching your goals, then go for it xx

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  3. I love this post! I was recently asked this at a job interview- luckily the manager was kind and laughed off the fact that I am only 21- and so don’t even have the next 5 hours planned haha. I don’t have anything like a “5 year plan” and I’m not sure I ever will, I enjoy planning, but I also recognise that things don’t always go to plan- and I will change my mind lots and lots if I plan that far in advance. Looking forward definitely works for some people (and or some careers) but for where I am I’m happy seeing how things go x

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  4. Love this post! What a great reminder that everyday is to be enjoyed and to stop waiting for those 5 year plans!


  5. I always hate those ‘where do you see yourself in 5 years’ questions in job interviews! I don’t want to set a plan for myself, I want to go where life takes me, and as long as I’m happy and healthy and can afford the roof over my head, that’s all that matters!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com


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