TOP 10 secrets of Instagram stories that will catch your attention

01. Storytelling and Plots

Storytelling is the art of telling stories. And storytelling is built on the laws of drama. That is, a good story should have a beginning, development, culmination, and denouement. And these are the laws that need to be used and in the story. You need to learn to think with content and see the story even in the most everyday things. Stories can be interesting, even if you are sitting at home.

02. Visual

Here we are not even talking about a cool camera on the phone. Basic lighting can already dramatically change the quality of your stories. And if you also try to use a single style of design for stories (colors, fonts, emoji, gifs), then your stories will attract attention

03. Diversity: angles, poses, views

Diversity in Stories saves you from flipping through.

TOP 10 secrets of Instagram stories that will catch your attention

What are the plans?

  • Detailed – show objects / phenomena closely
  • Large – filming yourself in a “talking head” format
  • Medium – waist-length shooting
  • General – in the frame, for example, you are full-length and part of your room
  • Distant – there are a lot of details, people in the frame

When you tell something in a story, be sure to change your plans – they will not look at the “talking head” 10 stories in a row

On TV, the plan is changing every 5 seconds. In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ” Otherwise, it is difficult to keep the viewer’s attention.

04. Your face in Stories

We remember the rule from the last paragraph but do not forget that your blog is about you. And the story is also about you. You can make expert stories, but at the same time remember that you can introduce yourself as the hero of your stories, even into useful content

05. Subtitles, but no fanaticism

You do not need to duplicate what you say word for word. Indicate the main thoughts, write what you are talking about.

06. Balance of useful, personal, emotional, and entertaining stories

At the same time, useful and personal stories can be made both emotional and entertaining. For example, interactive elements (polls, tests, etc.) can be used when you just talk about what you have plans for the day. For an expert or commercial blog, more benefit. For personal – everyday life and emotions. But remember that all kinds of stories are needed in any blog.

07. A minimum of reposts and stories with a huge amount of text

Try to create unique content specifically for Stories. You can re-post a post to a story. But at the same time, you can present your post to a story by recording a short video or using some kind of test on the topic of the post.

08. Humor

Joking is a real art. And this is very appreciated by the audience. And general jokes with subscribers are generally priceless. Self-irony also works very cooly – it brings you closer to the audience, someone recognises himself in you. This is how you get a great engagement with your subscribers.

09. Honesty and imperfection

Do not be afraid to show your failures, bad mood (you should not constantly negative and complain in stories, but you can honestly say that you are in a bad mood today). Honesty generally works great in Stories. The more authenticity you show, the more subscribers will become emotionally attached to you.

10. Emotional swing

In the case of stories, this is very good. Monotony kills any interest from the audience. So try not to show from day to day on the day of stories, where you are positive, or, conversely, where you are constantly sad. Remember the previous point and honestly broadcast your condition, but at the same time, control and manage the mood in your stories.

5 thoughts on “TOP 10 secrets of Instagram stories that will catch your attention

  1. Great tips in here! I’m terrible with stories to be honest, especially since I want to keep part of my identity (see: my face) confidential, so making a fun story without my face on it is pretty difficult. This gave me some inspiration though!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I was just saying how I wanted to post more on my Instagram . When I first started blogging I was on social media a lot and I had a lot of engagement. At one point I felt like I was being too stiff and wasn’t showcasing my personality . These tips definitely help! Just confirmed that my personality will definitely get me engagement. I appreciate you for your insight ! I love this post . I am bookmarking this post !

    Liked by 1 person

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