10 Lifehacks for Instagram Stories

Tired of the same type of stories with hackneyed filters and dull fonts? It’s time to change something! Stories is a great business tool with which you can share short videos, create polls, post hashtags and gifs.

Every day this option is “overgrown” with new additions, and we will tell you about some of them right now.

1. Use stickers and gifs

Stickers can be used not only for beauty and entourage, but also to induce users to perform certain actions: subscribe to a page or follow a link. For example, brands use an animated arrow in addition to the standard arrow to draw more attention to a detail.

2. “Hands free” function

Want to record a workout or play guitar? Then use the useful “Hands-free” option. What is it? Hands Free is a mode that allows you to record video with a single click on the shooting icon. The video will be a standard size for one Stories – 15 seconds, but there will be as many of them as you need.

10 Lifehacks for Instagram Stories

3. Sign Stories

Want to share important news with your followers? Your followers can take public transport or sit in a meeting in the boss’s office. At these moments, turning on the sound is extremely uncomfortable. We offer to accompany the video with concise captions-theses with a summary.

4. Turn live-photos into boomerangs

This advice is relevant only for those photos that were taken no later than 24 hours ago. It works like this: open Stories, swipe up, select live-photo. Then press and hold your finger on the screen for a few seconds until the word “Boomerang” appears. Post and enjoy your creation.

Here are a couple of options: Gramotool, Insta-stories, Gramster.

5. Look at the statistics

The indisputable advantage of a business profile is the ability to familiarize yourself with statistics at any time. It’s very simple: open the story and swipe up on the screen. Instagram will show you the accounts that have viewed your story, the number of reactions, reposts and impressions.

6. Add a flickering effect to emoji

Want emoji to grab the attention of your subscribers? Then use a cool trick that not everyone knows about – shining emoticons. To do this, open Stories, activate the text tool and select the Neon font. After that, any emoji typed on the screen will light up with a flickering effect.

7. Hide hashtags

It’s no secret that hashtags in Stories are a great chance to increase the number of views. True, from a visual point of view, it looks extremely unaesthetic.

What to do? Just hide the annoying # with the following scheme: add the hashtags you need, then slide your fingers together to make them smaller. Just do not get carried away and do not make the tags too much microscopic, because Instagram simply does not recognise these designations.

Then you have several options: cover the hashtags with the sticker you like, make the text color of the tags match the background color using the Eyedropper tool, or place # at the very edge of the image.

8. Fill the screen with one color

Sometimes you need a simple solid color background, for example, to emphasise text. First, add any image from the gallery, then select the drawing tool (wavy line icon) and the color of the future background (you can use the Eyedropper tool). Then pinch any part of the screen to fill the photo. Click the Finish button and continue editing.

Do you want to ask your followers a riddle or hide some elements in the picture? For these purposes, use the Eraser, as it will help you quickly get rid of the fill on the necessary areas.

9. Add a soundtrack

Share your favorite music with subscribers using the capabilities of the Instagram music library. Post a photo in Stories and click on the sticker icon at the top of the screen. Then click the Music sticker and click on the track you like from the music Instagram libraries. Once you’ve selected a song, you can fast forward or rewind it to start playback from the point you want.

10. Change the color of individual letters

Tired of plain letters that blend into the background? Then catch the cool tip: choose a photo from the gallery, click on the screen to add text (or click the “Aa” icon in the upper right corner), write whatever you want. Then hold down a word or letter to select it. Decide on a color and continue editing.

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