5 rules for writing on Instagram and the formula for the perfect post

How to build a personal brand using blog texts?

Instagram has long ceased to be a visual social network. There are a lot of texts in blogs now: in posts, in stories. And these texts are really important because it is not always possible to convey your thoughts to the audience through oral speech as accurately as through text.

And forming a personal brand is also important in the texts. How to do it? Let’s figure it out!

  1. Openness is important in posts
How to build a personal brand using blog texts?

Write about what you want. Describe events in your life and how you feel about it. Write about yourself and what is in your soul. Write about your past and future. In thematic posts, do not be a dry informational background, appeal to your experience and the experience of friends, show your personal attitude to the topic of the post.

  1. Demonstrate expertise

If you want to monetise your blog as an expert, then you need to convince people that you are. Anything that shows your attitude to this area and that you understand it is suitable: thematic posts, series of expert stories, showing the process of your work

  1. Don’t be a perfect picture

Through the blog, falsity and pretense are very well-read. If you have any difficulties that come your way, show them. If you have flaws, show them. This will make your image more complete and real, bring you closer to the audience, and increase the level of trust.

  1. Use engagement techniques

Even in expert texts, life stories and personal experiences work well. Use references to audience pain points. Pain points are common problems that resonate with many people.

The formula for an ideal “problem” post:


  1. Be logical and consistent in your posts.

The simpler a text is written, the clearer it is. Therefore, do not seek to somehow “decorate” the text, try to raise several topics in it at once. One text = one meaning.

Now try to analyse all the texts on your blog and understand whether they help you build your personal brand or hinder? If you find some points in the texts that require revision, be sure to correct them. Blog writing shouldn’t be underestimated.

3 thoughts on “5 rules for writing on Instagram and the formula for the perfect post

  1. These are great tips. I struggle with what to write sometimes on Instagram and thought things always had to be perfect. But reading this post has made me see that showing I am not always perfect will help me to grow as a blogger and show people what I have been through and how I got through it. Thank you.

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