202+ trending Instagram post ideas

Creative crisis? It’s a shame, but the content plan and subscribers won’t wait for Muse to visit you again. Instagram doesn’t forgive a lull, so grab ideas for Instagram posts and boldly turn them into your content.

Types of Instagram posts

If you don’t know what to write about on Instagram, and all the topics seem to be already exhausted, and each new post is similar to the previous one, diversify the publications in form.

There are many types and subspecies of posts. Try something you haven’t posted before. Our long list will help you find fresh ideas.

What to write a post about? Best post ideas

202+ trending Instagram post ideas

Each Instagram account has its own style and theme. Everyone selects topics for posting and creates content that is interesting to his target audience. The post ideas below are a boost to your inspiration. You can easily adapt them to the theme of your Instagram profile and create really interesting posts for your followers.

1. Instructions. In the modern world, information is supplied in a rapid flow, technologies are developing, new products appear every day. People need a simple and straightforward explanation. Give it to them and they will be grateful to you. Instructions can be given in various forms.

a. Explanation. Faced any situation and know how to find a way out of it – share a detailed explanation with subscribers. Tell a story, give some tips on how to avoid such situations, tell step by step what and how you did.

b. DIY. This is a special type of post that shows you how and what to do. For example, how to beautifully cut vegetables or make sure that your shoes do not chafe, or make a cake without baking. The topic of such a post or video can be anything. Just find something relevant to your profile.

2. Analysis. Analyze a situation, tell your subscribers what success you have achieved over the last week, how much the popularity of the product has increased, and why. The analysis can be of several types.

a. Reviewed with a rating. If you have recently used any new interesting product or service, share your impressions with subscribers. Tell us about the advantages and disadvantages, rate the product.

b. Quote analysis. Share the quote with your followers and rate it. Tell us exactly what you think about this and do not forget to ask your subscribers’ opinions.

3. List. Share your personal TOP list with your readers. For example, “TOP 10 Books Everyone Should Read”, “Best Motivational Films” and so on. The topics of posts should be selected taking into account the topics of the accounts. For example, for company pages, the post-listing might be about the qualities of employees that are valued in the company.

4. Statistics. Conducted/found an interesting statistical study, share the data with subscribers. But keep in mind that such serious posts are best avoided on Monday or the weekend.

5. Checklist. This is a checklist to help you with any kind of job. A post in this style may contain information about the must-have things to take with you on the trip or a list of must-do in a certain situation.

6. A series of posts. If you have a long story or topic that you want to cover in detail, then break it down into several parts and start a specific series of posts. It is important that the posts of the same series are published at approximately the same time and at regular intervals.

7. Simple photo. This is a good solution for those who have a lot of text information in their profile that requires careful attention. Take a simple photo like a cup of your favorite coffee, sand, sky, or any other texture and set up your post. They even have their own hashtag #photosinbetween.


8. Stories from life. Instagram is still a social network where you can and should share personal stories. There is something interesting in everyone’s life:

  • Instructive story. Tell a life story that taught you a valuable lesson. How and under what circumstances karma overtook you. Do not forget to summarize the moral at the end of the post.
  • Funny story. We all sometimes become unwitting participants in any curiosities. Feel free to share these funny stories with your followers.
  • Memories. This is what warms us up, evokes nostalgic mood and warm emotions. Tell your followers about any memory and emotion you feel.
  • Sad story. It is better not to abuse sadness, but sometimes you can afford it.
  • The story of one victory. Tell us what efforts you had to achieve your goal and how you felt when you achieved what you wanted.
  • A little about failures. Such stories can also be instructive and interesting. Here you can add an analysis of the reasons that prevented you from achieving the desired, and do not forget to write the moral at the end.
  • One kind deed. Have you become a witness of a sentimental good deed or its initiator? Your followers should definitely find out about this.
  • Bad deeds. They also learn from other people’s mistakes. Share the act for which you are still ashamed.
  • Tears. Tell us when was the last time you cried with happiness.

9. Motivation post. Share a story that motivates you, or try to nudge your readers to start making a difference in their lives.

10. Inspiration. What are you inspired by? Share your portion of inspiration with your readers.


11. News from life. Many people go to Instagram every day not only to see beautiful photos but also to stay updated on the latest events. News is one of the main parts of all content on any social network. Posts in such a series can turn out to be “hot” and push subscribers to an active discussion.

There is a lot to discuss. Most importantly, try not to go overboard with negative news. People are tired of them anyway.

12. Announcement. Tell your followers what to expect from you in the future. Maybe you are preparing an unprecedented action or you are going on a trip, then be sure to share the most interesting photos from it.

13. World news. From time to time, share with your subscribers the key news that you care about, express your opinion about them and ask the followers to share their thoughts on this matter. From time to time, you can discuss even those news that do not relate directly to the topic of your account but cause a public outcry.

14. Local news. Share interesting news from the life of your city or country with subscriptions. It can be both funny, motivating news, and serious, related to politics and economics.

15. Personal growth. Did you manage to get a career promotion? Have you got a new lucrative contract? Share your joy with your followers.

16. Company news. Get your subscribers interested in a new product release or any other upcoming updates.

17. Newsjacking. This is a special type of content based on attracting attention to a product or brand using popular news feeds.

Useful posts

Posts that are informative and helpful to readers help you quickly grow your blog, engage your audience, and encourage bookmarking. In addition, such posts secure the blogger’s status as an authoritative expert in their niche.

18. Educational. Give a master class on how to do something with your own hands.

19. Life hacks. Do you know how to make life easier for your followers? Feel free to write about it in your profile.

20. Desired lists. Make a list of things, books, tools, and other resources that are useful to your target audience.

21. Post-research. Doing your own product research in your niche is one of the best solutions for a useful post.

22. Post “problem-solution”. Faced a problem and solved it expertly? It is interesting.

23. SAQ post. This is a checklist of questions, like FAQs, that people tend to be shy, overlooked, or forget to ask, but everyone needs to know the answers.

24. FAQ post. And this is a list of questions and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

25. Post-definition. Sometimes this is just a necessary informational post. Share with your readers any new product, service, or definition of a word everyone should know.

26. Teaching beginners. Create a publication or even launch a series of tutorials for beginners.

27. Share your workflow. Tell us how and what you are working on. Upload a screenshot of your desktop or take a picture of your workflow.

28. Smart shopping. Do you know how to buy something cheaper? Tell your subscribers. Everyone loves saving.

Be human

Your followers should know who is hiding behind the photos and posts on the page. Show your true colors. Usually, these posts are the most interesting for the audience.

29. Inspirational posts. This is a popular type of content that can be expressed in the form of a story, profile post, or even a quote.

30. Raised speech. Posts of this style will help express your opinion and emotions about a certain situation that worries you and your subscribers.

31. Festive. Congratulate your users or share your personal holiday. Such posts bring people closer together. In addition, they can be used for hidden advertising purposes.

32. “Behind the Scenes”. Take your readers behind the scenes of your blog, explain how you create your content or product, what’s on your daily to-do list.

33. Ask for advice. Ask subscribers to share what to read, watch or listen to, what you can cook for dinner, how to please yourself, or where to buy this or that item.

34. Share tips. Share your personal experience with your readers.

35. Start a discussion. Discuss something important and exciting with your followers.

36. Start an online broadcast. Content of this format generates a lively interest around the blog.

Create these posts whenever you get the chance. Instagram algorithms are very good at promoting posts with a lot of comments.

Communicate with your audience

It is very important to engage your audience in communication. This is necessary both to improve statistics and to quickly advance according to the Instagram algorithm and in order to form a loyal attitude of the public.

37. Post-play. Turn on your imagination and play with your readers. For example, ask them to continue with the phrase “Love is…”. Answer the question “What would you spend a million on?” or “What does it take to be happy?”

38. Polls. Create a thematic survey, ask subscribers for their opinion.

39. Marathons. Post daily simple tasks on the topic of your account and ask subscribers to unsubscribe about the work done in the comments. The winners who did the best at the task will receive prizes.

40. Conduct flash mobs. They can be absolutely anything. For example, a photo of certain content, a story of a life story, etc.

41. Post-acquaintance. Get to know your subscribers, tell us who you are, what you do, what inspires and motivates you.

Set goals

All kinds of challenges are always interesting to the public. Set goals for yourself and keep a kind of diary in your posts about achieving them. The goal can be anything.

42. Lose weight by 10 kg in a month.

43. Bring up a foreign language to a certain level.

44. Learn to crochet in a week.

45. Live a month without sweets (fatty, starchy foods).

46. ​​Live on a certain budget.

47. Push up 100 times from the floor.

Match the challenge to your profile.

Promote and advertise. Posts of this kind can be both a good advertisement for the products you are promoting or just interesting and useful information for users.

48. Comparison. Create a post where you compare two products, point out your advantages and competitors.

49. Reports. Share income and expense reports with subscribers, showcase a breakthrough in the professional field.

50. The best of the best. Create a post that connects the very best of your blog.

51. Presentation. Make a detailed presentation of a product, tell about its benefits and all the ways to use it.

52. Tips. You can share your tips on how best to use certain products, where to buy them, how to make them last as long as possible.

Entertaining posts

It is quite difficult to create such content, but it gives a good mood and sets you up for positive communication.

53. Mem post. Create or find a meme that matches the topic.

54. Satirical post. Posts of this kind help to draw attention to a problem with humor.

55. Parody. Create a parody of a famous person or product. Amuse users by exaggerating strengths and weaknesses.

56. Caricature. Posts like this are good in a series. Challenge: to create content that would amuse readers, but at the same time make them think about important issues.

57. A funny story. Funny and entertaining information can also be presented in the form of a story written with humor.

Trending posts

The ability to present interesting information in a timely manner can make your blog popular. For well-written posts in this category, you will receive a great return from your audience, and at the same time share important information.

58. Post-review. Create a review of any relevant product or event that you have access to.

59. Problem. Highlight the current problem that you and your readers are confused about.

60. Poll. Pick a hot topic and survey your audience. Find out what they think about this.

61. Trends. Tell us how you see the next world trends, or how you feel about the current ones.

Finds of the month

Share your experiences with the world, information, and products. It doesn’t matter if it’s positive or not.

62. The book you read this month.

63. A movie or TV show that impressed you.

64. Service or service that you like.

65. A cosmetic product that has shown good results.

66. The best event you’ve attended this month.

67. Product. The new tasty or healthy product that you recently discovered.

68. Find. Your best media find in recent memory.

69. Useful application or internet resource.

70. Best Game That Impressed You.

Imagine and fantasize

Who said that all posts should be based only on facts and experience. Allow yourself and your subscribers to dream a little and get distracted from reality.

71. Fantasize about the future, near and far. Tell us how you see the Earth in 10 or 100 years.

72. Tell us about your ideas of ideals. What is your ideal home, day, the world? You can just share your reasoning, or invite subscribers to join.

73. “What if…” is a good start for a fast to fantasize about how the world would be if certain things were not there or they would be completely different.

74. “I think that in 2020 ..” – add how you see the world next year or how certain problems will be resolved next year.

75. Fantastic. Come up with a fantastic story with humor.


If you have your own opinion about a particular situation, then do not be afraid to voice it, even if it contradicts the opinion of the majority. Such posts tend to gain the most resonance. The main thing is to make sure that they match the topic of your blog.

76. Reaction. Express your reaction to the event or content.

77. Prediction. This is interesting and controversial content that is often the subject of lively discussion. Just write about how you see the situation in the future.

78. Post-attack. Such posts should incline the reader in your direction. You need to be very careful with them, but if the post is successful, it will definitely attract an audience of fans.

79. Article provocation. For example, refute a popular dogma.

Post ideas for commercial Instagram accounts

Post ideas for commercial Instagram accounts

Business pages of companies need special content. Here are some ideas that can dilute the content plan of a brand’s or company’s Instagram page.

80. Getting to know the team.

81. Workflow in the office.

82. Unusual applications of the promoted product or service.

83. Informing about promotions and bonuses.

84. Description of the properties of the goods.

85. Research data.

86. Customer reviews.

87. Stories of how a product or commodity changed lives.

88. Posts-comparison.

89. Photos and videos from corporate events and conferences.

90. Product manufacturing technologies.

91. Behind the scenes of the company.

92. How did the idea of ​​creating a product appear?

93. Announcements of upcoming events.

Personal blog ideas

You can write whatever you want on a personal blog, but sometimes even such a variety of possible topics hinders rather than helps to create high-quality content. Here are the most popular ideas to take advantage of.

94. What is taking up most of your free time now?

95. Reveal some of your talent, which few people know about.

96. Invite your audience to try something new that you recently tried for the first time.

97. Publish a post referring to the post in the archive. Don’t let your readers forget about them.

98. Post the best comment you come across under your posts.

99. Share your favorite recipe.

100. Share what you have learned today.

101. Remember the brightest moment of this day or month.

102. Tell us about your time management. How do you organize the day, what examples and literature do you follow?

103. What kind of person constantly inspires you?

104. Show off your treasured collection of items.

105. What quote accompanies you through life.

106. TOP useful applications that you personally use.

107. Favorite cocktail.

108. “It’s a fiasco, bro.” Tell us about the last event that was a real flop.

109. Day/week selection.

110. 30 things that I understood by the age of 30.

111. The book you read to the holes.

112. A film that you know by heart.

113. Write an open letter. Select the addressee depending on the field of your activity and the issues that you want to raise.

114. Tell us how you manage to keep up with everything and not go crazy?

115. What is your personal mission in this world?

116. Describe your rules and principles in life.

Best Media Content Ideas

A good informative post can be one photo or a short video if its idea is of course interesting.

117. Selfies are still one of the main trends on Instagram. It’s always interesting content, especially if it’s done in unusual places.

118. Optical illusions. These photos grab attention and sometimes even go viral.

119. Show something in miniature or even create a whole micro-world out of children’s toys.

120. Divide one photo into several parts and post several posts, taking one huge photo.

121. Take a photo in your favorite tilt-shift (toy-town) style.

122. Try to pick a color and find it in everything, demonstrating it in the photo.

123. Take any article from your archive and turn it into a useful infographic.

124. Looped videos make you freeze over watching them for a long time.

Long term projects

If you do not want to puzzle every day over what to post, choose a topic for a long-term project and try to reveal it as much as possible.

125.50 strangers. Set yourself a goal to get to know and talk to 50 new people within three months. And every time a new acquaintance takes place, share the story with subscribers. It’s good if the story is complemented by your selfie with the hero of the story.

126. My plate of food. Take pictures of what you eat every day.

127. 365 days. Post one picture every day at a random moment of the day.

128. Emotions of people. Surely you already have your own collection of photographs that capture the emotions of your loved ones and friends. Create a kind of photobook out of this.

129. Photo game. Ask your subscribers to write 50 names of any publicly available things (one thing from each follower who is among the first to register) and promise that you will post an interesting picture every day with things on the list.

130. The four seasons. This project lasts a year, but only involves the creation of the best four pictures, which capture landscapes taken at different times of the year. It can be either different landscapes or the same one. For example, the view from the window of your office.

Popular ideas

There are no restrictions on what you can and cannot post on Instagram. It all depends only on your imagination and whether you decide to raise this or that topic.

131. The story of the best or worst travel.

132. Guide for a healthy life.

133. Your secret of ideal … (nails, hair, cupcakes).

134. The best ways to motivate yourself.

135. Expression of gratitude.

136. TOP items that are vital for you.

137. Your good habits.

138. Your secret of success.

139. What emotions do you get from blogging?

140. A letter to myself, eighteen.

141. Repost of the subscriber’s post.

142. Posts of the “True or False” category.

143. Ask subscribers for criticism of your actions.

144. Encourage followers to take action (eat right, indulge yourself in nothing, play sports).

145. Post your coffee, breakfast, romantic dinner.

146. Post a photo from five years ago and describe what has changed in your life since that moment.

147. Talk about things that always spoil your plans.

148. Share your mistakes.

149. Run a competition.

150. Share your family photo.

151. Talk about your comfort zone and the one that violates it.

152. Tell us about any extreme situation in your life.

153. Share your goals for the year.

154. Take a photo of the view from the window at home or at work.

155. Who is your idol and why?

156. What do you dream to buy?

157. Who was kind to you today?

158. What would you do if you had an extra hour today?

159. Photo from the “Before and After” series.

160. List of blogs that you read yourself.

161. Describe your day in six words.

162. Your current playlist.

163. The most difficult decision you have ever made.

164. What things would be better if they had never invented?

165.10 facts about yourself.

166. What you need to know about….

167. Tell us about your pet.

168. Take an interview.

169. How would you spend a million?

170. What in life do you do differently from others?

171. What is the difference between life and existence?

172. Who are the most important people in your life?

173. At heart, all men/women…

174. The most secret thoughts.

175. What are you proud of?

176. Your list of joy.

177. Photos from the past.

178. What are your favorite places in the city?

179. Things that make you laugh.

180. Destruction of myths on a specific topic.

181. Video cut/photo collage “My Day”.

182. The contents of your bag.

183. Tips about beauty.

184. Results of the month.

185. Who would you like to become in 10 years?

186. Selection of trends.

187. Your today’s outfit.

188. Selfie with a story about yourself.

189. Everyone loves cats. Remember this.

190. Description of the project you are working on.

191. Photo with a friend and the history of your acquaintance.

192. How to maintain a balance between … and …

193. 5 mistakes I made when …

194. Post a screenshot from the dialogue with a funny moment.

195.10 Things You Are Definitely Doing Wrong.

196. Answers to popular questions from readers.

197. Collective post where your readers can access various solutions. For example, a dating post, for mutual PR, and so on.

198. A selection of useful resources.

199. “If I did everything opposite to what I usually do, then my day would be like this …”

200. Myths and facts about …

201. Non-standard use of something.

202. A story about the profession and an excursion backstage.

203. First thoughts after awakening.

As you can see, posts can be not only on a different topic but also differ in form and manner of presentation. Try to diversify your content plan as much as possible so as not to bore your readers.


Instagram is a social network where you can post almost anything. Its users are creative, curious, and not constrained by stereotypes. Experiment, try something new, unusual, be sincere, share personal, and if you don’t know what to talk about with your subscribers, use the ideas outlined above. Save the article to your bookmarks and even you will never rack your brains over to post such an interesting post again.

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