It may seem strange that a platform that specialises in videos will now provide audio ads. But the pandemic continues to make changes to how we entertain ourselves.

This new type of ad unit will help reach people who use the platform as a music player. And now it is more important than ever. While various events are cancelled in the world due to the pandemic, people are increasingly turning on YouTube to listen to a virtual concert or podcast in the background.

The effectiveness of promoting your brand through YouTube can double if you use this new opportunity wisely. Moreover, it will be possible to receive income even if users simply listen to music and don’t look at the screen.

Brands can create additional connections with audiences through audio content. Several months of alpha testing showed that audio ads increased brand awareness in over 75% of campaigns monitored. The audio advertisement itself lasts 15 seconds, there is no “skip” button.

All of the same targeting options and the ability to measure brand promotions that are available for videos will also be available for audio. YouTube emphasises that these kinds of ads are ideal for music channels, although there is significant potential to attract other types of audience as well. Another plus is the low cost. After all, it takes less money to create audio ads.


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