Every YouTube user starts with zero subscribers and zero views. Therefore, it means that we all have the same chance at first to achieve goals. Of course, there are lots of different abilities but we all started from nothing. 

What does it mean to promote a YouTube channel? To promote a channel is to retain the target audience and gain additional viewers. The main goal is to improve the factors that will increase it’s ranking.

Before getting started you should know your main audience and what type of content your video is.


The correct video structure attracts your viewers to watch the video until the end and maybe even send the video to a friend. So let’s go without unnecessary improvisation. The more effectively you use video structure, the more benefit your channel will get. Remember to write your script before every shoot. Post videos regularly to keep viewers coming back to your channel again and again. Add keywords to your channel description. Stick to a color palette. After all, an attractive profile is one of the easiest ways to promote your YouTube channel and improve your SEO. Add contact information about yourself, because you never know who will want to contact you for a partnership.



Do not neglect the different tools that will help to take your channel to the next level. Among the free and proven methods, the most effective are collaborations with channels similar in topic, email newsletters, posting videos on websites and on social networks, and partnerships with various brands (the main thing is that your values ​​coincide). Webinars and live streams work as well. Ask subscribers to send you questions in the comments. Then shoot a video to chat with them. This way you can show viewers that they are important to you, while increasing engagement and views. Plus, answering questions can be a lifesaver when you don’t have fresh ideas for content.


Paid promotion methods include advertising from bloggers, advertising on social networks, and buying Google AdWords ads. It also makes sense to buy high-quality links or reviews of your brand on identical channels. In this case, you’ll see a noticeable influx in your desired audience. 

For successfully promoting your YouTube channel in 2021, it is best to resort to several methods at the same time. It doesn’t matter if it’s paid or not. After all, the main thing here is your return, the quality of the video, and the benefit that you bring to the audience. And, of course, a smart strategy. It is important to follow a systematic approach and your channel will begin to develop.

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