1. High-quality photo content.

Phone photography is less and less common, more often high-quality well-thought-out photo shooting. But it should be noted that filming with a mobile phone has reached a new level.

2. Natural photo editing.

Filters should only be used if you need to convey the mood of the brand, and not to create a completely uniform feed.

3. Appropriate backgrounds for the subject of your photo.

When the product in your photo doesn’t match the background, potential buyers will lose trust in your brand.

4. Cohesiveness on your feed

All the photos in your feed should correspond with each other. If you do a completely separate post just to catch peoples’ attention, this may create more engagement with that post, but the effect won’t be long term.


5. One style across all your platforms.

One memorable style will complement your pages and help your audience to be loyal to your brand. It should be used for all points of contact with followers and customers (feed, stories,  website).

6. Functional design, instead of endless feed.

Your feed should be not only for beauty, but be deeply linked to your brand/products.

7. A freer layout style, instead of having a clear structure of posts, for example, the “chess” format of photos.

8. Individual style, not trendy design.

As competition is fierce, you can only be different by creating something of your own, unique. All that remains is to convey this through a clear visual brand concept.

You should not be guided by trends while creating your visual concept. But, if you want to add design templates to your profile, then you need to figure out what is relevant and what is not.

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