1. One template for caption photos.

When it first came out, it was cool and convenient. But then they were used again and again, there was no individuality and this once-good idea turned into an anti-trend.

One template for caption photos.

2. Endless design.

Usually, individual photos look very unpresentable and cheap. And regular followers practically don’t pay attention to the general appearance.

Endless design.

3. Subject photography without individuality.

Impersonal stock photography fails to convey your brand values. 

Then there is a flat lay with very strangely chosen props. Like, cosmetics-flower-mug-phone. Flatlay should tell a story, carry an idea, it’s not just beautifully scattered objects.

4. Design templates not related to photo content.

Many people use ready-made templates in the hope that they will smooth out low-quality photos.

Design templates not related to photo content.

5. Styling board and white wall.

The task of the background is not only to hide your floral wallpaper, but also to match the product in style and quality.

A perfect white background is only suitable for a catalog.

6. Catalog accounts are also anti-trend.

This is the easiest thing to do. And everyone does it.

If it suits you – fair enough.

If not, it’s time to create something bigger.

7. The “chess” format of photos and text.

Such a clear structure went into anti-trend, along with an over-edited feed.

8. Obvious filters.

They look dated and make the content visually cheap.

Obvious filters

9. Creativity for creativity.

There should be a whole concept, without random posts that don’t follow your theme, used just to stir up followers. 

We all want to stand out and sell more. The higher the competition, the more creative solutions should be. These solutions need to be individual.

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