Instagram engagement

Let’s talk about Instagram engagement mechanisms.

There is mechanical and emotional involvement.

1. Mechanical is when you push a person to do a certain action, for example:

• find differences;

• compare before / after;

• catch a piece;

• guess the correct answer;

• hold the screen and get the affirmation for today;

• react to stories;

• leave + in the comments to participate in the competition;

That is to say, a person must make a physical action – scroll back and forth, stop the screen, write, etc. The more contact with the audience, the higher the reach.

Instagram engagement

But the trouble is that this approach has a temporary effect. Today I was interactive and my reach increased, tomorrow if I’m not – it will fall. The audience’s interest quickly burns out after all. 

2. Emotional engagement is when your content resonates even if there is no voting button:

• when subscribers seem to know you in absentia;

• when they share or DO NOT share your opinion;

• when you receive gratitude, support, or hate;

No object evokes as much emotion as another person. Creating emotional engagement without a face is like fishing with your bare hands.

Remember that by combining mechanical and emotional engagement you will achieve maximum results. That’s the whole secret.

For most problems is that emotional involvement is not used at all, and the mechanical engagement is done haphazardly, ill-considered, and with the same audience.

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