How to choose your priorities in life

How to choose your priorities in life

Setting life priorities and goals correctly means learning to give preference to those activities that will best justify the time and effort spent on them in the long term.

Not all of us think about it. That is why we often get upset when we don’t have time for something or we aren’t successful. This is not because we are lazy or because we have no time. It means that sometimes this isn’t our priority and we need to devote time to something else. Therefore, you need to understand what life priorities are and how to analyse them.

Life priorities can be classified, like goals, according to the complexity and urgency of achieving them:

1. Long term. By the end of my life, I have to do or have something.

2. Medium-term. By the age of thirty, I should have something.

3. Urgent. I have to do something by the end of the week.

At the same time, the dependence of the complex on the simple remains, that is the global goal is achieved by the systematic implementation of a number of average tasks, each of which, in turn, is achieved by performing a number of simple actions.

How to prioritise life for yourself

Your task is to learn how to spend time correctly, nothing more. To do this, let’s determine what is “right” for you personally and what is eating up your time.

How to prioritise life for yourself

1. Start to write your day plan. Every day, write down 2 things in it: the most significant event of the day and the activity that wasted the most time that day.

2. As time passes, summarise the result, highlight the most significant event and the most time-wasting activity of the week, and then the month.

3. Determine the area of ​​life which the largest number of major events and productive activities belong to. This area is your priority.

4. Analyse meaningless activities. You will clearly see what exactly is eating up a lot of your time. You can even count the lost hours and stick these numbers up in your workspace as a reminder to suppress any attempts to waste your time.

It is important to understand correctly what the most significant event is. It doesn’t have to be something very important or exceptional. Any little thing that you reacted to most vividly during the day can become such an event. Whether the reaction was positive or negative. It doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that the most important events for you will be remembered most vividly. In other words, the events from the areas of your life you prioritise most.

But in most cases, the priorities are already in your subconscious mind. I have just told you ways to identify them more clearly for yourself.

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