I’m back. Talking about life priorities and plans for the blog

It’s been a long time since my last post.

It was a situation when I had to step back and take an honest look the way I do everything. I’ve already talked about taking a step back in one of my previous articles.

Talking about life priorities and plans for the blog

I needed to do an overview of my priorities in life. 

Priority can be defined as the most important thing in a given moment, for the solution of which all time and efforts are concentrated. In my case, this was my job.

If you don’t have time for something or you cannot achieve it at the moment, this is totally okay. You just need to decide for yourself what is most important for you now, during this period of your life.

Everyone has their own priorities in life. You just need to choose yours.

Taking a step back helped me to achieve my main goal and now I feel refreshed. That’s why I’m back with new ideas for my blog!
My mindset changed a lot while I was having a break from my blog and Youtube Channel.

Part of me wants to expand my blog with additional categories that I also like.

I’ve always been interested in content creation. Whether it’s an online blog or an Instagram account, I’ve always loved social media and I always have something to say about it. 

I don’t know if I will have time for all of it, but let’s see.

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