10 mistakes YouTubers make and how you can avoid them

“Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others.” – Brandon Mull

The journey of building a successful YouTube channel is rarely a straight line. A more familiar picture is a series of fallbacks with a set of valuable life experiences.

I suggest you pay attention to the 10 most common mistakes beginner YouTubers make, why they are a bad idea, and how to avoid them.

Mistake 1. Not being interested in the topic.

If you’re not interested in the topic of your channel, nothing good will happen.

The authors chase popular content and shoot things that they themselves have little interest in quite often. After a while, it turns into an unloved job, and then the channel is completely abandoned. Therefore, it is very important to make exactly what is interesting to you.

Mistake 2. Irregularity of posting.

Videos on the channel should be released at least once a week or you should have a schedule. On average each user is subscribed to 25 channels – if each channel releases one video or more per week, your video will be one of 25 at best. And if you rarely post videos, subscribers will simply forget about you. Therefore, one of the most important rules is to release a fresh video at least once a week!

Mistake 3. Poor video quality.

10 mistakes YouTubers make and how you can avoid them

Of course, we come across popular videos shot on a mobile phone, but you should understand that such videos have a one in a million chance of going viral. And in order for the videos to make a good impression, they should be of high quality, filmed with a good camera, with good light and sound. Try to improve the quality as much as you can.

Mistake 4. Boring content.

Just because you’re making serious content doesn’t mean it should be boring. YouTube videos are primarily about entertainment. Even a super-serious topic can be presented with fun and humour. Always look for your specialty, try new formats.

Mistake 5. Imitation of popular bloggers.

The most common mistake is to create the same content as a popular blogger. Some go even further and copy the same studios of famous bloggers, make the same background, try to duplicate the presentation, words, gestures. But no one asks themselves the question: why would anyone look at a copy of a product they already have? Moreover, most often this copy is worse than the original. As I wrote above, always try to do better. Even if you work in a format that already existed before you, try to bring something of your own into it.

Mistake 6. Static video.

Of course many YouTubers started their journey with static videos, especially beauty bloggers and authors of the channels on technical topics. They made almost all their videos in this format. But this period has passed. So the viewer does not get bored, bloggers now shoot with two cameras, change the angle, make additional photography of the product or the background, and change the location. For example, a video may start on the street and end in a studio.

Give dynamics to your video, the camera should not stop at one frame for more than 10 seconds.

Mistake 7. Poor installation.

High-quality editing can even make a bad idea or a bad shot look good. There were times when the source material was, let’s say, not very suitable quality, and good editing made the resulting video receive a large number of views.

If you have no knowledge of editing, take a course. If you don’t have money for a course, watch video tutorials. Continuously improve your skills, watch how other bloggers edit, learn from their experience and tricks and try to surpass them.

Mistake 8. Lack of promotion.

For some reason, some people think that you can just upload your videos to YouTube, and the magic will happen by itself. But this is a big mistake. The content will not work on its own – you need to post the video at least on your social networks and share it with friends. There are tons of free services where you can upload your videos, not to mention paid promotion methods.

Mistake 9. Lack of interaction with the audience.

It is very important to ask your subscribers questions, encourage them to comment on the video, ask questions both in the video itself and in the description to it, and pin the comment that prompts the viewers to discuss. Moreover, it is necessary to respond to comments – except of course the most negative ones. Keep in touch with your subscribers, because they will be more loyal to you if they recognize you more.

Mistake 10. Neglecting optimization.

Proper optimisation, title, description, and tagging of videos provide up to 40% of your channel’s success. Always pay attention to this: add tags, write detailed descriptions, come up with attractive names. It is just important not to overdo it, so that all texts, especially in the title and description, are “for people” and read well. Don’t use random keywords, especially when those words aren’t relevant to your videos.

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