How to create a blog. Part 1: tips and tricks.

The most important thing you need to understand is that if your only goal is money, you can stop reading now.

In my opinion, if you only have a commercial goal and you make a blog without soul and passion, then it will be a failure from the start. It’s good to always strive to ensure that everything you do (work or hobby), you should do it with enthusiasm!

If you really want to create your own blog but you don’t know how to start – keep reading.

Here are three main parts of creating a blog:

  1. The body of your blog.

Customizing your blog ensures blog performance, functionality, appearance, accessibility, and user-friendliness.

The body of your blog is the technical part. This part, like the human body, is a very important component. It is important to create the external part of the blog, and make it beautiful, convenient and original.

To complete this stage, you need to choose a platform where your blog will be. This can be a website builder or a fully-fledged website that you can create yourself or order from developers.

If you don’t want to bother, then choose a domain, host and theme on WordPress, for example.

  1. The heart of your blog. 

Content is the heart of a blog. This is what will ultimately distinguish it from other blogs and attract visitors. 

The blog shouldn’t just have a good appearance, but contain the character, emotions, knowledge and individuality to give it life. Visitors will quickly lose interest in blogs without heart. Start writing articles using your passion and then publish them regularly.

  1. The spirit of your blog.

 By promoting the blog we create the “spirit” of our blog on the internet. The spirit of the blog is what comes from its reputation, recognition and peoples’ opinion.

Here are some tips and tricks for your blog:

How to create a blog. Part 1: tips and tricks.

1. Blogging.

Write valuable, useful and unique articles. Always think about your readers. How can you help them, solve their problem, answer questions?

2. Work with social media.

Register and complete profiles on social networks, follow friends, be active.

3. Thematic forums, groups, communities.

Outside of your blog, search the internet for forums, groups, communities on your topic. Register there and be active – share your value, help participants solve their problems, answer questions. After some time, the participants will perceive you as an expert.

4. Pay little attention to search engines.

Research keywords and use them in headings and the body of articles.

Then every step taken on the internet will leave its mark (links to your blog), and over time these traces will turn into paths to your blog.

To create a good blog, you must find your niche. 

If you don’t know how to choose your niche and you still need help with choosing a theme for your blog, stay tuned. I will tell you this in the next article in my blog!

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