How to optimise your channel. YouTube checklist (part 1).

YouTube is a fully-fledged platform where you can create your own content. ⠀

Let’s start from the beginning!

What does a YouTube channel give you?

1. First of all – creativity, self-realization and freedom of speech.

2. Next – popularity, a set of subscribers, becoming an opinion leader.

3. Monetisation. YouTube videos can be monetised (if you follow the rules and do not use someone else’s content), and this will bring you additional profit.

4. Collaboration with other bloggers or brands. Channel advertising that will bring you income.

How to optimise your channel. YouTube checklist (part 1).

What is important when you create a YouTube blog other than the video itself?

1. The design of the channel.

It’s very important for your channel to have a good look: YouTube cover art, Thumbnail for each video, descriptions, links, all the information about your channel in pictures and texts.

If you do not know how to make good cover pictures and thumbnails you can use Photoshop, for example, then I recommend that you go to the canva website with free templates.

2. Thumbnail for each video.

With regards to point 1, I use canva. Thumbnails should convey the meaning of the video itself and interest the viewer, as well as containing a title or key words

3. Title – the name of the video.

The title must contain keywords. It should start with a capital letter, using punctuation and only the language that you speak in the video.

4. Description of the video.

It is best to at least somehow fill out this section, including tags and useful links to other videos and your social networks.Don’t forget to mention in the description some important things from your video (depends on your topic).  A description, like the title, plays a big role in optimising your video.

5. Description of the channel.

In the description, describe in detail what topics you cover, leave contact details, and you should also leave active links to your social media accounts.

6. Playlists.

This is convenient not only for searching videos by category, but if your viewer doesn’t get to your playlist from the search itself, then it’s likely that they will watch all the videos from the playlist and subscribe.

Also, don’t forget to optimize the home page of your channel: adjust the appearance of the main page, display the playlists on the main page, show your channel trailer or other important videos to new visitors, and another new video for your subscribers.

A channel that’s designed thoroughly and aesthetically will help promote the videos.

Every point is very important. Please, don’t lose any chance to make your channel better and work for you!

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