How to create your YouTube channel. What you need to know.

If you really want to shoot a video, but you still can’t decide on a topic, don’t worry. I have some tips for you. Let’s find out!

How to create your YouTube channel.

While you don’t have subscribers – you have enough time to decide on the topic. You can safely experiment and try different formats. ⠀

1. Consider the best channel name for you. Come up with a name. If you already know your subject matter, you may think of a nickname that links to the content of your channel, but this is not necessary. ⠀

2. Design the channel. Even if you don’t have videos and subscribers yet, you shouldn’t ignore this. 

3. Start shooting. Just get started. When you sit down for editing and you see the result, you’ll understand what you need to improve, what to remove, or add. ⠀

4. Some videos require a script. But there’s no need to be afraid. Start small. Write down your ideas, think about how you can spice up a conversational video with inserts, or use different camera angles (to keep it interesting).

5. Do not be afraid to do as others do. This is not plagiarism. But I do not suggest you copy everything. Watch other bloggers (yours or related topics), get inspired, take ideas, and do your own.

6. Upload your videos. Various. Look at the response. Are there any views? How fast are they growing? Likes / dislikes / followers? Analyse. And try again. ⠀

Over time, image quality, editing quality, and the quality of the content itself and how you act in front of the camera will improve. 

I promise you! The main thing is to act! ⠀

More tips here.

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