How I got 100k views on the video on my YouTube channel.

It was in 2016 when I got my corgi, Fletcher. I didn’t know that Corgis were becoming popular and that it would create hype. It all started in the summer when I decided to create a channel just to share my videos on YouTube. I wanted to shoot the usual funny videos with a dog, which I loved to film. I also wanted to shoot useful videos. Everything that I loved to watch in that period of my life.

How I got 100k views on the video on my YouTube channel.

I shot without much sense, with simple editing, but the subscribers grew by themselves. And all because the topic was popular – with the hashtag ‘Corgi’.

The video “PEMBROKE WELSH CORGI the first time my puppy wore a collar” has gained over 100,000 views over several years. The video was shot in vlog format and it is one of the first on my channel. This topic is always relevant, because this is exactly what you do in the first days after you brought a puppy into your house.

There are still relevant videos on my channel with 49k views: “training a puppy”, 38k “how a puppy grows up”, 15k “what my dog ​​can do” and so on.

At that time I received hype which I did not expect to receive and which I could not cope with. 

So, what did I learn from this experience? What are the important things to take away from this?

1. Relevance.

If you want to quickly gain an audience on your channel, you should see which videos from other bloggers go best, which is relevant now, which topics are interesting to others.

2. Benefit.

You can shoot not only interesting and entertaining content, but you can also shoot useful and helpful videos.

3. Settings of your videos.

The settings are only a small part, but significant. After all, how can viewers find your video if the title of your video does not match the video, for example, or if there are no keywords at all?

I hope it was interesting for you to know my experience and at some point, you will do better content for yourself!

One thought on “How I got 100k views on the video on my YouTube channel.

  1. Hi Catherine, thank you for your observations on how to get 100k views on a Youtube video. That’s good to know. I don’t have a Youtube channel linked to my blog at the moment but if I do set one up I’ll certainly keep this in mind.

    PS: Fletcher is awesome! 🙂

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