5 TIPS for starting a YouTube channel

I’ve already wrote about some tips for starting your own YouTube channel, but today I’m going to tell you more ways to publish more inspiring and structured content.

Here are some additional 5 tips for starting a YouTube channel:

  1. Plan your content.

It can really help you to structure your content if you have a plan for what you want to film. You’ll have a better understanding of what is in your head after writing it down on paper or documenting your ideas. Create your own content plan. If you don’t know how to do it or how it should look – take a look at google search “content plan template”.

  1. Upload video regularly.

After creating your content plan you should start to film and upload your videos on your channel regularly. It’ll help you to keep the attention of your audience when you have a schedule. Your viewers will be waiting for your new videos. If you upload frequently your viewers will return for more.

5 TIPS for starting a YouTube channel
  1. Look for inspiration.

Sometimes it may be very challenging to come up with new and fresh ideas. It’s totally okay to look for inspiration from various sources. Remember, you shouldn’t compare yourself with anybody else. How exactly you can find your inspiration I have told you earlier in this article – Where to find inspiration about what to film on YouTube channel?.

  1. Start with simple editing software.

You don’t need specific and high-priced editing software at the beginning of your journey in making content. Start small with simple and free editors. It can be daunting at the beginning and you may feel overwhelmed by professional editing software, try not to pay a lot of attention to this. It is more important to get started. You can start with Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie.  

  1. Small YouTubers community.

Build your first audience. There are a lot of social groups on Twitter, Facebook, and even on YouTube where people communicate with each other and help to grow small YouTubers. Don’t be afraid to reach out to find people similar to you and collaborate with someone you like. Try these hashtags on the internet #smallyoutuberscommunity, #smallyoutubers, or #smallyoutubersupport.

I wouldn’t recommend doing sub for sub or buying subscribers to your channel. Avoid this way to gain subscribers and views. It won’t help you to grow your channel authentically and find a real audience.

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